Chicago Cubs Uniform History 2005-present
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NOB removed from home jersey, and a second alternate also without NOB introduced for use at home.



NOB returns to home jersey. Blue alternate jerseys are retired. Cool Base jerseys begin appearing.



Blue alternate jersey returns, worn home and road.


Red-billed cap dropped in 2009. Blue jersey now used only on the road.


The Cubs introduce another grey road jersey.


I don't try to keep up with all the one-off throwbacks as they're not part of the official uniform set, but the Cubs wear 9 different throwbacks celebrating Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary - one from each decade - plus a throwback worn on the road. Uni Watch has a great article on this, and here they are:

The first team to play at Wrigley, then called Weeghman Park, was the Chicago “Whales” (or Chicago Federals), a team in the Federal League.

Representing 1929

1937, with zippers

The first vest, introduced in 1942. The original undershirt had long sleeves with the stripes at the cuff.

Representing 1953

This was worn at Philadelphia, throwing back to 1964

The 1969 throwback

The crazy powder blue road pinstripe, from 1978

The 1988 pullover

And the equally crazy 1994 "Cuba" alternate


A return to the basic set.



Smartly realizing less is more, the alternate "CUBS" grey road jersey goes away. Flex Base jerseys debut.


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