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I always wore a baseball cap as a kid. Growing up in Toronto in the mid 60's my favorite cap was my home town minor league Toronto Maple Leafs of the International League. When Montreal got a team in '69, I got an Expos cap right away. I liked the cool white front 70's styles - the Orioles, Expos and Blue Jays. Eventually I lost interest in caps until 2004 when the Expos were finishing their final season in Montreal before leaving for Washington. I happened to be in a sporting goods store and thought, I have to buy an Expos cap from their last season. Back home, I dug out my old beat up Orioles, Expos and Blue Jays caps from the 70's. I still loved the styles but if I was going to wear them, it was time to get new caps. I ordered some well known throwbacks from a well known throwback cap maker. What a disappointment. The Expos cap had the wrong color on the back. The Orioles had the wrong color button. The Jays had the wrong logo. I was determined right then and there to find the "real" caps my teams wore back in the 70's. But what exactly did they look like? What were they made of? Who made them? I wasn't 100% sure and I could not find anything on the internet except lots of contradictory information.

Thus began a very fun hobby learning all about, and collecting, vintage baseball caps. It's spread to vintage baseball jerseys and hockey jerseys. What's even more fun is that I've gotten to know some great people who have helped me out a ton, and I'm proud to say that I've helped a few budding collectors avoid making a mistake, learn something interesting, chase something worthwhile, and even saved a few auction houses from embarrassing themselves.

How to share this info and knowledge? Build a website! Show everyone the REAL STUFF the teams wore! Let other collectors share their collections! Everything here has been vetted to the best of my, and/or other collectors abilities, as the ACTUAL caps and jerseys worn in play. Not everything shown here is game used, but if it isn't, then it's the exact style and make that was. And if anyone has better info - well, share it! I want this site to be as historically accurate as possible. Feel free to send me an email correcting, discussing, disputing or sharing what you know from your own experience and of course pics from your collection to share here!

So there you have it - though this site is now quite extensive, it will never be complete! If you'd like to contribute or comment, please drop me an email at info@MLBCollectors.com

Clint Farrell
Somers, NY



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