New York Yankees Uniform History 1960-1999
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Cap logo grows taller.

Spalding (home), Wilson (road)

Spalding & Rawlings (home), Wilson (road)


Spalding (home), MacGregor (road)

Spalding (home), MacGregor and Wilson (road)

1965 Wilson jerseys were used in the 1964 World Series.

Spalding (home), Wilson (road)

Rawlings and Spalding (home), Wilson (road)

Spalding (home), Wilson (road)

MLB 100th anniversary patch worn in 1969.

Spalding (home), Wilson (home, road)

Wilson (home), Spalding (road)


Switch to double knit. Road jersey gets sleeve trim and a white outline around lettering.


Yankee Stadium anniversary patch on home jersey only in 1973.

Wilson (home), Rawlings (road)


Munson's jersey.

Russell Athletic

Cap logo grows a bit taller.

MLB 125th anniversary sleeve patch worn in 1994.

Back view is of a different jersey.

Jackie Robinson sleeve patch worn in 1997.

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