Milwaukee Braves Caps History

In 1953 the Boston Braves relocated to Milwaukee where they played until moving to Atlanta after the 1965 season. The team carried over the 1952 Boston caps but put an M on the cap in place of the B.


The first Braves caps had a felt logo, like the Boston caps...


...or a logo on a patch sewn to the cap. (this one could be a spring training version).



Eventually logos were embroidered. The inner lines of the "M" were quite thin.

Wilson distibuted by Horace Partidge

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro



Around 1959 the inner lines of the "M" thicken.



I've seen a few of these sell for big bucks on eBay as original caps. I hate to spoil the party, but this style Wilson tag (with the size on the bottom of the tag itself, and not stamped on the sweatband or on a separate size tag) first appeared around 1973-74. To verify this, just look at teams that changed styles in the 1970's and used Wilson caps, like the Phillies, Reds and, yes, the Atlanta Braves. Also, the logo is on a patch which the team only wore in the early 50's. And to top it off, I had one myself from the Johnny Pesky Collection. It's a replica, I believe these were made for events celebrating the team's 10th year (1975) in Atlanta.

After the 1965 season the Braves relocate to Atlanta.


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