Kansas City Athletics Caps History

In 1955 the Philadelphia Athletics relocated to Kansas City where they played until moving to Oakland after the 1967 season.


1955 Prototype

A cap like this showed up in press conferences announcing the move from Philadelphia. It was airbrushed over Philadephia A's logos on 1955 baseball cards. But, it was NEVER worn on field, not even in spring training. Somehow American Needle sells them as the 1955 cap. Amazing.

Never Worn



The team flipped the Philadelphia main and trim colors from white/red to red/white. The logo was changed, dropping the second serif on the "A". The team bought Wilson caps in bulk and had logos embroidered locally - the outline can be seen on the inside of the cap. Therefore no date codes on Wilson caps.

Tim McAuliffe

McAullife caps were also used in the 1957-58 timeframe.





Caps had both cloth and leather sweatbands. The "K" overlaps the "C".



Navy home white alternate. New Era made replicas in the 70's that get passed off (falsely) as on-field caps.

Tim McAuliffe

I've never seen an actual white cap, but I can see this is a McAuliffe logo (bottom of "C" is blunt unlike the pointed Wilson style). IF ANYONE HAS ONE TO SELL LET ME KNOW!!!



New Era/Wilson caps seem to be from 1963-65 and are a bit darker green. As before, caps were bought blank and logos added by a local embroidery shop, thus KC A's caps have no Wilson date code. The "K" overlaps the "C".


Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

McAuliffe caps seem to have been worn 1966-67. They're more of a lime green. The logo serifs are larger and now the "K" and "C" interlock.

Coaches mostly wore white caps, but they were also used by players for at least a couple games.

After the 1967 season the Athletics relocate to Oakland.


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