Seattle Mariners Caps History

Seattle returns to the AL in 1997 after an eight year absence. Thanks to collector Mike C. for a bunch of these photos.


The Mariners colors are blue and gold like the old Pilots, the cap is the famous pitchfork M.

New Era


Cap logos become a trident M over a star.

1981 era caps have the logo embroidered. Mid-80's caps have a sewn on patch that gives a 3D-like appearance.

New Era

Sports Specialties

Sports Specialties caps are worn by some players in the mid-80's.


A more traditional look is adopted in 1987. The cap logo is a simple S.

New Era


Some players start using grey undervisors around 1988. By 1990 all players use them.

New Era


By now all caps have grey undervisors. In 1992, MLB logos are initially glued on the back, then embroidered later on in the season.

New Era


The Mariners swap gold for teal, royal blue for navy, and introduce the compass S logo. Home caps have teal visors, road caps are solid navy.

New Era


In 1994 a teal alternate cap joins the set.

New Era

Teal cap not used on the road after 1994.

Raised embroidery appears in 1996.


Teal cap retired. A navy cap with a compass logo is worn with a new home vest.

New Era


New Era

The all-navy "road" cap is almost always worn home or away.

Teal visor cap is a rarely worn alternate.

The compass cap shown here rarely, if ever, saw the field in 1999.


New Era

Compass cap officially retired. Teal visor cap is worn less frequently in 2001, is used only twice in 2002, and not at all in 2003. It is officially retired after 2003.


New Era

Teal-billed cap not used. It's officially retired after 2003.


Undervisors turn black.

New Era

These gold tags and taping appeared in some caps in 2004 to mark the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the New Era 5950 cap model in 1954. I don’t see many of these from on-field only because not many were made, and players kept them as souvenirs.


Caps go polyester.

New Era


The teal-billed cap with grey undervisor returns for the TBTC game.

New Era


The teal-billed cap retired.

New Era


The teal-billed cap returns as an alternate worn with the teal alternate jersey.

New Era


New blue/gold cap to go with the new faux-retro alternate jersey.

New Era


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