New York Yankees Caps History

You either love 'em or you hate 'em, but they are The Most Collectable Team on the planet. The New York Yankees.



The Baltimore Orioles relocate to New York and become the Highlanders. Caps have several logoless variations.



The most recognizable logo in sports is created. In 1909, it's a red NY on a navy cap.

1910. A red visor is added to the home cap. A new road cap gets a grey crown and the NY changes to navy.

1911. The home cap becomes white with a navy visor, and the NY becomes navy.



In 1913, the Hghlanders become the Yankees. The cap becomes the familiar all-navy with white NY.



Home cap is white with red and blue pinstripes. Road navy cap is unchanged.



Partway through 1916 the home pinstripe cap and jersey are dropped. Navy cap worn home and road.



Home cap is white with pinstripes, road cap all navy.



All navy home and road.



For the last time the home cap is white with pinstripes.


From 1922 on, the navy cap with white NY is used home and road.


A Ruth hat.

A Gehrig hat. Note the embroidery is raised; the Yankees were first to use it, first by embroidering over cardboard, then by using heavy stitching.


The Yankees are wearing Tim McAuliffe hats by 1949, and the logo gets thicker and longer.

Tim McAuliffe by Leslie

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

Another Mantle cap.


Around 1960 the logo gets longer. The navy color gets darker.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

New Era

New Era hats begin to appear.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

KM Pro

The Yankees use KM Pro caps after Tim McAuliffe closes in 1969.


With KM Pro closed the Yankess use New Era exclusively. Note how much the embroidery is raised now, long before other teams adopt it.

New Era


The logo gets a bit thicker around 1980.

New Era

Roman Pro

Some players wear Roman Pro in the mid 1980's

New Era


By now the navy color is nearly black.

New Era

MLB Batterman logo initially appears as a glued on patch in 1992 then is embroidered on later in the year.


With New Era the exclusive manufacturer, the logo grows a bit taller.

New Era


The Yankees are the last team to adopt grey undervisors in 1994.

New Era

The current style raised embroidery (with foam backing) appears.


Caps change to polyester with black undervisors.

New Era

New Yankee Stadium patch worn on back in 2009.

Batterman logo changed to navy & grey in 2010.


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