New York Mets Uniform History 1997-2008
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The Mets start making changes. A new white jersey with piping becomes the main home jersey. The lettering and numbering material now has a zig-zag pattern. Pinstripes are relegated to alternate status. Cap button changes to orange. A white cap is introduced to wear with the all-white jersey, but after being ridiculed as the "ice cream" man look, it's quickly dropped.

Russell Athletic (home white), AIS (home pinstripes, road)

Jackie Robinson patch on sleeve


Here comes the black. A black alternate jersey worn both home and road joins the set. Black drop shadows are added to lettering on the home white (white outline is removed) and road jerseys, but not the home pinstripes. A black-crowned cap becomes the main cap. Apparently black was inspired by clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels. The club was ready to do a full redesign to get black into the color scheme (to better compete with the Yankees in retail sales). However AIS convinced them just to add drop shadows (there's always shadows in New York City), and to keep the same look in a black jersey. The full story is here:

Russell Athletic (home white), AIS (home pinstripes, road, alternate black)


Not satisfied with four jerseys, the Mets add a fifth - a black road alternate with "New York" in tuscan font. The "Mets" black jersey is now worn just at home. White outline is removed and black drop shadow added to the home pinstripes' lettering. Black dropshadow is added to "Mets" on the sleeve patch on home white, pinstripes, and road jerseys, and a new Mets sleeve patch with a black skyline is put on the two black jerseys. Furthermore, the little "NY" on the sleeve patch is dropped. Another cap, all-black, is introduced for use with the black jerseys. And to honor the '69 Mets, NOB are removed from the home set.

Russell Athletic (home white, road black), AIS (home pinstripes, road), Rawlings (road black)


NOB return to home set. The official home jersey becomes pinstripes again, but by 2002 it isn't worn much.



40th anniversaey patch worn in 2002.


An orange jersey, ostensibly the BP jersey, is worn for a number of home games. The pinstriped jersey is rarely worn.


Shea Stadium 40th anniversary patch worn in 2004.

The 2003 orange set is used again.


Orange jersey dropped. Pinstripes worn more often now.



Black phase out slowly begins - black dropshadow is removed from sleeve patches.


Shea Stadium final year patch worn in 2008.

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