New York Giants Uniform History

The Giants began play in 1883 as the New York Gothams. After the 1957 season the Giants relocate to San Francisco.


White home, grey road jerseys in the same style. Trim is black.


White home, grey road jerseys in the same style but trim is now brown per newspaper reports.


Despite the HOF database, trim reverts to black in 1903.



During 1904, new jerseys with black NY in large block letters appear. Road is the same style in grey.


For the 1905 World Series the Giants wore a black jersey (in order to be black vs. the white elephant A's). It was carried over to 1906 as an alternate. The 1906 jerseys very subtly stated "WORLD'S CHAMPIONS" across the chest



The 1904-05 style returns, home jerseys are white with "NY" in large black block across front, road is the same style in grey.


Plain white home and grey road with block letter logo in black on the sleeve.


Logo style no longer block letters.


Home jersey color changed to red.



Thin pinstripes with logo on the sleeve.

Black jersey worn in the 1911 World Series.


Pinstripes more widely spaced and are now red on road shirts.


Colors and pinstripes change to mauve, "NY" on the sleeve is a bit smaller.


Home pinstripes change to black.


During 1916 plaid(!!!) home and road uniforms debut with large mauve NY on the left chest. I hope one still exists somewhere....

The pillbox cap worn in 1916 was actually a throwback as that style had not been used since the late 1800's.

The pillbox caps worn in 1916 were actually throwbacks, as that style had not been used since the late 1800's.


NY across front of home jersey. Road jersey has NEW YORK across the front, and is a square check pattern, like one of my old suits. Red pinstriped jersey with NY on the sleeve was used in the 1917 World Series.


Home jersey stays as is. Road jersey changed to plain grey, "GIANTS" in red block.


Home jersey now has navy pinstripes with the logo on the sleeve. Road jersey is grey with navy pinstripes (not red as the HOF database shows) and "GIANTS" in red block letters, and to center the lettering the "A" is cut into two parts which separate upon unbuttoning the shirt.



Pinstripes removed from road jersey which is grey with "GIANTS" in red block letters (not navy as the HOF database shows). Home jersey is the same, pinstripes with logo on sleeve.

This jersey had the name "Thorpe" sewn in later and was fraudulently sold as his 1918 jersey. In fact it is a 1921-era shirt made after Thorpe had left the team. The "A" on the front is split, a style used from 1919-25.



Road jersey "GIANTS" now in blue block letters.


On home jersey, logo changes to red and moves from sleeve to left chest. Pinstripes return to the road jersey which is worn with a grey cap with blue pinstripes, red logo. Ruth played for the Giants in a benefit game Oct. 3 1923. The logo on his jersey is blue. Looks like the logo switched to blue during the year.



Pinstripes changed to red. Logo moved back to home jersey sleeve. Road jersey unchanged. A new design was used at home in the 1924 World Series.


"NY" logo on sleeve on home jersey, "GIANTS" wordmark returns on road jersey. NL 50th anniversary patch worn on front on home jersey, on sleeve on road jersey.


Road wordmark font changes to tuscan. Road jersey pinstripes are gold with brown trim.


Pinstripes removed, piping added on home jersey.


Golden pinstripes removed from road jersey, wordmark colors reversed to navy with red trim.

Home and road jerseys here.


Pinstripes added to home jersey.



"GIANTS" wordmark added to home jersey. Jersey numbers first appeared on June 23, 1932.



Colors change to black and orange. Pinstripes removed from home jersey. Road jersey wordmark changed to "NEW YORK".



Colors changed to blue and white.



"NEW" and "YORK" move closer together on the road jersey and the "Y" now lies across the placket.

Sleeve patch promoting the 1939 World's Fair worn by NY teams in 1938.


Red joins the color scheme. "NY" sleeve patch worn on home jersey only. Zippered jerseys debut.



"NY" sleeve patch removed for the 1942 Health patch.



Horace Partridge makes the 1943 jerseys. It has one sleeve stripe instead of two, wider spacing of the placket piping (note how the road jersey "W" overlies the piping), thicker, simpler style letters and a small back number.

You can see the single sleeve stripe in these 1943 team photos. Notice some players are wearing 1942 shirts with the narrower placket piping and double sleeve stripes.

Horace Partridge

Rucker wore 3 in 1943 and 1 in 1944. He's in the 1943 team photo wearing this Horace Partiridge style shirt. So, either he changed numbers during1943, or this jersey was re-used in 1944.


A return to double sleeve stripes, thinner letters, and larger back numbers with Goldsmith jerseys.



The Giants return to black and orange for the second time (first was 1933-35).

MacGregor GoldSmith


Buttons replace zippers.

MacGregor GoldSmith and Wilson


Front piping removed, sleeve cuff changes to single stripe, letters and numbers get taller. "NY" cap logo is altered.

MacGregor GoldSmith

Spalding, MacGregor Goldsmith

NL 75th anniversary glove patch worn in 1951.

Sleeve patch and number missing

The team gets set 2 of MacGregor Goldsmith jerseys for the 1951 World Series (with no anniversary sleeve patch) and wears them for the 1952 season.

MacGregor GoldSmith

Recrested when sent to the minors

MacGregor GoldSmith

Logo removed for reuse in the minors

Tim McAuliffe (home), MacGregor (road)

McAuliffe jerseys were made under private label by Stall and Dean.

Not likely used as Durocher preferred longer sleeves, but this is the road jersey worn.

Tim McAuliffe (home, road), MacGregor (road)

Tim McAuliffe

Note the different number font home and road.

Tim McAuliffe (home, road), MacGregor (home)

This is a MacGregor

Note - the front and back are from different jerseys

After the 1957 season the Giants relocate to San Francisco.


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