Minnesota Twins Uniform History 1961-1996
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In 1960 MLB granted the city of Minneapolis an expansion team. Washington Senators owner Calvin Griffith requested that he be allowed to move his team to Minneapolis and instead give Washington the expansion team. Upon league approval, the team moved to Minnesota for the 1961 season. Not wishing to alienate fans in St. Paul he named the team the Twin Cities Twins, however MLB objected. Griffith therefore named the team the Minnesota Twins. Again in deference to St. Paul, the team did not use an "M" on the caps, but was allowed to keep its original "TC" (for Twin Cities) insignia. The team finally did install an M on the caps in 1987, but during the 2000's gradually restored the famous TC.


Wilson (home), Spalding (road)

Cap buttons were red in the early years, I'm not sure exactly when they went to black, 1963 or 64.

Probably an extra as it has no name in the collar.

Cap buttons were red in the early years, I'm not sure exactly when they went to black, 1963 or 64.

Wilson (home), Rawlings (road)


Double knit jerseys are here. Lettering changes from navy with red trim to red with navy trim. Grey road jersey has a unique one-year sleeve patch, and wider sleeve stripes as on all Spadling double knit jerseys.

Wilson (home), Spalding (road)


Road jersey, now made by Wilson, changes to a powder blue pullover with a front number. The top of the cap logo "T" becomes straight.



Home jersey changes to a pullover with front number.


Home caps change to red.


NOB added.



NOB is removed from home jerseys only.


NOB is missing here - I'm pretty sure road jerseys had a NOB in 1983.


NOB, still only on the road jersey, is on a nameplate instead of sewn directly to the jersey.


Cap logo gets thinner in 1985.

25th anniversary patch sleeve patch is worn on the 1986 (yes 1986, not 1985) jerseys.


The Twins rebrand themselves, dropping the pullovers, and introducing an "M" logo, finally getting over the stigma that "M" might mean Minneapolis, not Minnesota. NOB used on road jerseys only.


Russell Athletic

MLB 125th anniversary patch

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