Los Angeles Dodgers Uniform History 1980-2013
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White trim added to home jersey back lettering and numbers as well.

W.A. Goodman & Sons by Mizuno

All Star game patch for 1980.

W.A. Goodman & Sons

25th anniversary patch worn 1983.

LA Olympics patch worn in 1984.


Dodger blue gets a bit darker.

W.A. Goodman & Sons

Dodger Stadium anniversary patch worn in 1987.


Dodgers 100th anniversary patch worn in 1990.

Dodger Stadium anniversary patch worn in 1992.

MLB 125th anniversary patch for 1994.

Russell Athletic

Dodger Stadium anniversary patch worn in 1996.

Jackie Robinson patch in 1997.

40th anniversary patch worn 1998.


Silver added as a trim color. LA sleeve patch added to home jersey. Road jersey script changes to "Los Angeles" and gets front piping, silver trim, a "Dodgers" sleeve patch, and dark grey buttons. Blue alternate jersey with silver trim and an alternate cap are introduced. Note - The team seriously considered changing to a road grey faux-vest style with blue sleeves. Some were even sold to the public. But the concept was shot down by management.

Russell Athletic

Heroes sleeve patches worn in 1999. 24 patches were made and players could choose which one(s) to wear.

This one was used in the All Star game.


Alternate blue jersey is worn for at least one game in 2000.


Road jersey buttons change to blue. Alternate is definitely dropped.



Road jersey script is modified (note especially the top of the "s") part way through the year (maybe with the switch to Majestic?).

Majestic (home), Rawlings (road)

Dodger Stadium anniversaey patch worn 2002.

This is a 2002 jersey BEFORE the script mofification - anyone have a 2002 with the modified script (i.e., same as the 2003 road jersey below)?



NOB dropped from home and road jerseys. Road jersey buttons return to light grey.



Silver dropped as a trim color. White outline is dropped from home jersey lettering and sleeve patch. On road jersey, lettering outlines and front piping are gone, sleeve patch changes from "Dodgers" to "LA". NOB returns.


50th anniversary patch worn in 2008.

In 2010, team wears a sleeve patch commemorating 55 years since the Dodger's first World Series win in 1955.


Powder blue Brooklyn throwbacks worn 6 times. Fans selected the 1940's style look in a vote. The throwback is polyester, not satin like the original.



"LA" sleeve and cap logo gets a tad thicker and the tip of the "L" a bit lower.


Dodger Stadium 50th anniversary patch worn in 2012.

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