Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim / Los Angeles / California / Anaheim Angels Caps History

This team should probably just call itself Angels. Following the move of the NL Dodgers and Giants to the west coast in 1958, MLB expanded to put an AL team in Los Angeles in 1961.


Beginning play as the Los Angeles Angels, the first cap had the classic halo on the crown.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro


Upon moving into their new stadium in Anaheim the team is renamed the California Angels. The logo changed to a "CA" but the cap design remains.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

KM Pro


KM Pro

A one year style. (Note- there's a New Era version but it was NOT worn by the team.)


The logo changes to an uppercase "A".

KM Pro

New Era

By 1975, New Era has taken over.

This style cap with squared visor was mostly made for the retail market (see Capmaker History page, New Era), and is one of the only game used examples I've seen. My guess? Maybe they ran out of caps in that size and bought some at the store....


The top of the "A" becomes tapered.

New Era


The logo gets much thicker. In 1992 the MLB logo gets glued on the back. Over the course of the year it becomes embroidered directly.

New Era


The Angels return to a look reminiscent of the late 1960's, and a road cap is introduced. The MLB logo is embroidered on as of 1993.

New Era

Raised embroidery appears in 1996.


With Disney as the new owner and a renovated stadium, the team changes its name again to the Anaheim Angels, and totally revises its look and colors.

New Era

During 1997 the Angels had become the first MLB team to try black undervisors, though not all players wear them.

Looks like most if not all players wore black undervisors by 1998 or 99.


The light blue-billed alternate cap is retired.

New Era


The team returns to the original color scheme in 2002 with a new look.

New Era


Another owner, another name, and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are born. The jerseys and caps stay as is.

New Era


Polyester caps debut in 2007.

New Era


Halo changes to gold and a commemorative patch added for the team's 50th anniversary.

New Era


Halo returns to grey.

New Era


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