Kansas City Royals Caps History

After losing the A's to Oakland in 1968, baseball quickly returns to Kansas City with the 1969 expansion Royals. The new stadium was well underway, as it had been approved for the Athletics which left the city for Oakland regardless. The team's classic first logo has hardly changed. Jersey and cap modifications have been minimal over the years.


The logo has wide serifs at the top of the "K".



Serifs on the "K" get smaller and it looks like they use Pro McAuliffe.

Pro McAuliffe


Serifs on the "K" widen again, and it's back to Wilson caps. You can tell from photos the caps are Wilson by the low vent holes.


KM Pro

KM Pro probably worn around 1974.


Around 1975 it appears all caps have the smaller serifs on the "K".

KM Pro

COLLECTOR ALERT! When KM Pro went under, Roman Pro took over some equipment and cap inventory after the 1976 season. Here's a KM Pro inventory cap with a Roman label. It has the early 1970's style large serifs, but to my knowledge the Royals never wore Roman Pro caps. Anyone have other info?

Roman Pro

By 1977 the Royals are wearing New Era caps.

New Era


Around 1984 caps get grey undervisors. The serifs on the "K" widen sightly.

New Era

Sports Specialties

MLB Batterman logo initially appears as a glued on patch in 1992 then is embroidered on later in the year.


An alternate grey cap is added in 1995.

New Era

Raised embroidery appears in 1996.

Grey caps are retired after 1999.


New Era


Black joins the colorway. Black crown/blue bill caps are worn on the road.

New Era


The black crown cap is retired.

New Era


Polyester caps with black underbrims.

New Era


A powder blue alternate cap is used with the powder blue alternate jersey.

New Era


Powder blue cap dropped.

New Era


Gold outline added for use with the World Series celebration white jersey. it turns into a Friday alternate.

New Era


The pathetic New Era advertising flag gets slapped on the left side of all caps thus ending my purchasing of caps made after 2016. The white trim is removed from the gold logo cap for use with an official alternate home jersey.

New Era


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