Houston Astros / Colt .45's Caps History

Houston joined MLB in 1962 as the Houston Colts. The nickname became the Colt .45's as ownership wanted to be clear that Colts meant the gun, not the horse. By 1965, embroiled in a dispute over mechandising with gun maker Colt Firearms, the team changed its name to Astros for the move into the new Astrodome. By the mid-1970's the team had one of the more colorful looks in baseball. The look was completely redesigned in 1994. In 2013, upon moving to the AL from the NL, the Astros returned to a look reminiscent of the 1960's.


Caps are navy with an orange button.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

This Harry Walker is game used but has a navy button, not orange - maybe a spring training test version? Anyone know?

Harry Walker

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

New Era

New Era caps have a different look to the logo. I believe New Era caps appeared around 1964. I am NOT certain they used New Era on field. Anyone know for sure?.


The nickname becomes Astros. Caps get the classic H with a star background. Caps are navy with an orange button.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro

New Era


The Astros swap the orange and navy in their color scheme. Both New Era and KM Pro caps are used.

New Era

They try nylon caps in the early 1970's.

KM Pro


In the second year of the (in)famous rainbow jerseys, the orange color gets much brighter, the "H" wider. The emboidery is thinner on Roman Pro caps.

New Era

Roman Pro

New Era


Navy caps (with a navy button instead of orange) return in 1980 as the road cap, then are phased in as the home cap in 1982. It seems the orange caps were only nylon at this time, and navy were mostly wool and some nylon.

New Era

The cap below is interesting. It supposedly an authenticated game worn Yogi Berra cap. Yogi joined the Astros in 1986. But this cap is from 1982. Either the Astros gave Yogi an older cap, or it's a retail cap that he signed.

The orange cap is retired after 1982.


All caps from this era are wool. Grey underbrims appear around 1983-84.

New Era

New Era

This signed #11 DiPino cap is an authenticated 1986 on-field cap (came direct from the player).

Sports Specialties

Sports Specialties caps are also worn in the mid 1980's.

The MLB batterman logo appears on the back in 1992, glued on at first then embroidered by mid year.


A new logo, a shooting star that to me looks like a regular star with one side missing, makes its appearance. Gold replaces orange in the team color scheme. An alternate cap with a gold visor is used.

New Era

Raised embroidery appears in 1996.


With the move to Enron stadium on the former rail yards, the color scheme changes to a railroad-style black and brick red. The logo is straighted out but the missing side of the star is never found. Caps are black with a red alternate.

New Era


Polyester caps and black visors.

New Era


In time for their shift to the AL, and in a hugely popular move the Astros return to an updated version of their 1970's and 80's look. Home caps are navy, the alternate orange, and a new navy with orange brim cap is used on the road. The navy star (home, road) is two-tone, orange star (alternate) is one tone.

New Era


Orange star on the alternate cap is changed to also be two-tone.

New Era


Orange crown/navy bill home alternate cap added.

New Era


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