Detroit Tigers Caps History

The Tigers have made few changes to their jersey look over the years - BUT the jersey D logo has been changed 25 times before settling on the current logo in 1961, the cap logo has been changed 29 times. If anyone can help pinpoint the years, let me know! And still the cap and jersey logos don't match.


Caps are navy with a block D (anyone one have those?).


Olde English D is here to stay.



The inner lines are thinner.





A second serif is added to cap logo.



The Tigers add orange to the colorway. Home cap log chnages to orange, road cap logo remains white.


New styles for home and road caps.

Tim McAuliffe by Leslie


Orange logo is used on home and road caps.

Tim McAuliffe by Leslie

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro


There are photos of players from 1955 spring training in caps with double serifs and bars joining the left lines but I haven't seen any in photos taken in-season. I think those are McAuliffe caps. This style re-appeared in 1968 in white.

Team switches to Wilson caps which have a bit of a thicker logo.



In 1958, the Tigers drop orange. Cap logos return to white.



New Era home caps have a double seriff. Wilson road caps have a single serif.

New Era (home), Wilson (road)


McAuliffe with a thin logo and one serif used both home and road.

Tim McAuliffe


The home cap now has two serifs again - the New Era logo introduced in 1960, and a McAuliffe logo with only one serif.

New Era (home), Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro (road)


The New Era style with double serif is dropped. The McAuliffe logo is thickened a bit.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro


The logo is thickened further and the serif angle changed.

Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro


With Tim McAuliffe closing, the Tigers use both KM Pro and New Era. The second serif returns to the logo, two horizontal bars to the right of the serif are added, and the shape of the D changes. The logo is now substantially different from the home jersey logo which remains unchanged.

New Era


New road cap with an orange D and white trim debuts.

KM Pro

New Era


In 1983 the white trim is removed from the road cap logo.

New Era

Sports Specialties

The Tigers use these caps in the mid 1980's. Anyone have a home cap?

New Era

In 1992 caps get the MLB logo glued on the back. From 1993 it gets embroidered on.


Two new caps debut, a road cap with orange visor and orange button, and a batting practice cap with a tiger walking through the D, worn with a navy BP jersey with racing stripes. The team starts wearing the tiger-through-the-D cap for road games. Grey undervisors debut.

New Era


The tiger-through-the-D BP cap becomes the official road cap, the other is retired.

New Era

Raised embroidery appears in 1996.


The Tiger is gone from the road cap. Top button is now orange, whereas pre-1994 it was navy.

New Era


Caps change to polyester with black undervisors.

New Era


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