Arizona Diamondbacks Uniform History

MLB expanded to Arizona in 1998.


Russell Athletic

Inaugural season patch worn in 1998.

The white and teal caps were worn once, maybe twice, with the home vest.

Purple was used at home with the purple cap. Worn on the road only once or twice with the black cap.

This one's retail, identical to on-field except for the inside collar tag.


Sleeve patch modified slightly. On the purple jerseys, gold replaces teal trim for numbers and NOB. White and teal caps are dropped and the road cap changes. Black road alternate worn at home more often.

Russell Athletic

Purple was only worn at home with the purple cap (anyone have one?).



Home jersey script changes to the logo. Road jersey becomes a sleeveless vest and lettering becomes purple trimmed with gold. Black road alternate front changes to "Arizona" and the lettering switches to purple, and is almost never worn at home now.



Purple alternate dropped. Sleeve patches no longer worn with the home and road vests (removed from the undershirts).



The team wears its BP jerseys twice on the road with black hats and once at home with the purple cap.



BP jersey no longer used.



A new look with red, sand and black. Red and black alternates used at home, red only on the road. Cool Base jerseys debut at home.



On the red jersey, the back number and NOB colors are swapped from the prior season. Number is now black with sand trim, NOB is now sand with black trim. After magician David Blaine complained, eyes are added to the sleeve patch snake, and the tongue changed to red. Cool Base road jerseys debut.


10th anniversary sleeve patch worn in 2008.

All Star game patch added for 2011.


A second black "Arizona" home alternate added, worn with black cap. Red billed BP cap black cap worn occasionally with black jersey.



Black "Arizona" alternate jersey dropped.



A radical new look as EIGHT new jerseys debut with the new Flex Base jersey; a standard home and road set; an alternate home and road set. Red and black alternates. An hispanic heritage alternate as part of the regular set (worn just once in 2016). A Thursday home vest throwback. Snakeskin sublimation all over the place including the pants. Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.



Names and numbers on the road alternate switch to teal with black trim. Snakeskin gradients removed from pant cuffs.



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